Shot Without Bee Stinger Stabilization
This video was taken DURING the Western classic in Redding CA while female BHFS archer Mindi English was shooting for score. Take note of how the bow and stabilizer “Kick” to the left on the shot. This is caused by the “Rotational deflection” of the bow at full draw. Once the bow is fired the rotational forces are transferred through the bow (And Arrow). You can visually see the movement rotationally towards the left.
Bee Stinger Stabilized Shot
This video was taken The same day as Video 1, immediately after BHFS archer Mindi English was done shooting for score at the Western Classic trail shoot. She unscrewed the stabilizer she had been shooting and installed a Bee Stinger™ Pro. NO OTHER adjustments were made. Please take note as she releases the arrow that there is virtually zero left movement from the bow!! This is a result of the Bee Stinger™ patented design utilizing the Moments of inertia (Compact Disc weight couple to bow with Ultra-light rigid bar) to resist the rotational forces of the bow during the shot.