1. What length of stabilizer is best for hunting?

Bee Stinger offers a wide variety of different lengths and styles of stabilizers that may be used for all the different types of hunting situations. The 6, 8 & 10” Sport Hunter Xtreme models are the most popular. Bowhunters looking to extend their maximum effective shooting distance have found the Xtreme Kit or the new Counterslide to enhance their long distance capability. As a rule of thumb, the longer the bar, the less amount of weight is needed to achieve maximum stabilization.  
2. What length of stabilizer is best for competitive target and 3-D archery?
Bee Stinger offers a wide range of stabilizer lengths to accommodate the many different types of competitive archery and personal preferences. We suggest working with your local pro shop or coach to determine what length would be best for you and your style of shooting. If you’re just starting out, the Competitor Kit is a great choice. Below are some of the more popular lengths for each style of competitive archery.
Indoor, 3-D, Outdoor Target and Field
27-33” Center Stabilizer, 10-15” Rear stabilizer
Olympic Recurve
24-30” center stabilizer, 3-5” Extension, 10-15” rear stabilizers

3. How can I tell if I have my stabilizers balanced correctly?
Bee Stinger offers a wide range of stabilizers, stabilizer lengths, mounting brackets and an easy to use adjustable weight system to achieve an endless range of adjustability. What is right for you may not be correct for someone else, it’s a personal preference. It takes a lot of experimenting and hard work to determine what is best for you. Be mindful to make slight adjustments, one at a time so you don’t skip over the best setting.
  • If you’re struggling to keep your sight aperture aimed in the center and you feel like your sight is pulling you down, your set up may be too heavy. Try lightening the overall set up or adding a back bar with additional weight to lighten the front end of the bow.
  • If you’re getting an up and down sight movement, you may need to add more weight to the center stabilizer or if you’re shooting a back bar, try adjusting it to different position. The slightest adjustment to the angle of the back bar can make a difference in how the steady your sight picture is.
  • If you’re experiencing erratic movement that is difficult to slow the movement, you may consider adding more weight to the stabilizers. This added weight will slow down the sight movement allowing you make a steady and relaxed shot.
  • If you struggle maintaining a centered bubble, the addition of a side stabilizer or adjusting the angle of a side bar will help level your bow.
4. What is the difference between the Premier Plus and Competitor stabilizers?  

The Premier Plus is a higher modulus carbon that is stiffer and lighter in weight than the Competitor series

5. Are all Bee Stinger weights interchangeable?

Yes, the weights on the Sport Hunter Xtreme and Pro Hunter Maxx are all the same thread pattern of 5/16x24.

6. What type of vibration damping do Bee Stinger stabilizers have?  

Bee Stinger stabilizers utilize an internal dampening system along with a deresonator on each hunting stabilizer. Bee Stinger also offers deresonators and SIMS enhancers that can be added to reduce vibration.
7. Does Bee Stinger offer stabilizer lengths that are IBO/ASA compliant for Bowhunter class?  

Yes we do. The limit on stabilizer length is 12” and Bee Stinger offers many lengths to ensure that the stabilizers will fall within the rules. This includes quick disconnects and weights in the overall length.
8. Does the Xtreme Kit get in the way while hunting?  

Not at all. The stabilizers do not get in the way while hunting being that a nocked arrow extends out further than the front bar.